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The task of the photographer is to be a good observer. See, anticipate, sense, feel, synthesize, empathize, to imagine, excited, sort, persevere ... These are the true subjects of the life course as a photographer.

The images that endure over time are simple and surprising at the same time.

Every picture tells a story.
Xavi Rué, born in Lleida in 1977.

Diploma in Business Studies from the University of Lleida (2000) and BA in Communication Studies from the University of Barcelona (2003) and Masters in Secondary Teacher specializing in Mathematics UDIMA (2015)

He has worked for companies such as BBVA, XEROX and BMW-MINI.

In 2009 he opened his first studio and has since fully dedicated to photography.

From 2014 he exerts parallel as professor of photography for Ilerna.
Thank you very much for the many expressions of support I received throughout the gestation period of this project. Thank you for believing in me and my idea, without your faith it had been much more difficult.

Thanks Pati for allowing me to dream.

Thanks to the family for trusting me.

Thanks to friends, without whom I can't work it on.

Thanks for listening companions.

Thanks to all who / that has been as customers or employees.

And above all, thank you for teaching Gael and Arnau every day what life is worth and why fight it.

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